Present Moment Awareness

We go through life on a daily basis not always recognizing things of importance. So focused on the finish line we forget the importance of enjoying the race. 
Well let me not say we, I go through life not always recognizing things of importance. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race living in NYC .. Or maybe anywhere … Yet that’s what being a human is perceived to be about, work to make a living..& try to have a much fun as possible on the weekend, because Monday thru Friday it’s back to the race..& everyone’s goal is to finish first.

But the deepest parts of me yearn for a better way of living. Quite often in my mind I imagine being the woman that awakes at 5am fully rested .. That sips tea.. Reads a daily scripture .. And gives 20 minutes to stillness .. Yet that’s not how my morning’s usually go. It’s more like .. Prying my self out of bed and directly to the shower at 5:45am followed by…throwing hot water and a tea bag inside a travel mug… And headed out the door and to the train station.. Where I then in the midst of crowded strangers on a subway .. Read a word from my kindle bible on my cell phone. 

I always pause and take a look around the subway.. Everyone is seemingly tired .. Or plugged in … And the others are reading like myself. 

So I always question is this it…. Is this what good ole life is all about? Is this the gift? 

Truthfully I know the gifts that are unraveled in life on a daily basis .. Are the things we give the least attention. 

Today I’m vowing to myself to live a more full life. To appreciate all those moments that usually go unnoticed. No longer can  my thought process be focused only on the finish line.

Just in case you need to know what the finish line thoughts are, let me share: 

“I can’t wait till Friday .. Or is it Friday yet? 

“When I get my degree ..& when I meet my soul Mate”

“If only I get out of this dark phase .. Etc”

Those things.. In which we’re passing our  life by.. Because we’re speeding towards the finish line.

Imagine a real race.. Your train for it.. Along the route there’s snacks (preferably good ole carbs) to replenish .. And in the end while crossing that line .. You cherish .. Victory!  

A lot had to take place to ensure that victory. 

So why hurry to the finish line? 

Why not appreciate the long days at work or school ( the training process ..or the relationship encounters.. The friendship (before the marriage) why not enjoy those tiny moments that we don’t get back.. Once you reach the end it’s over! And I sure as hell don’t want it to be over no time soon.

Yea it’s tough..and some days are harder than others.. But my hopes is that I enjoy on a continuous basis the right now moments. 

Time moves fast all by it self .. It sure doesn’t need my help.

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