Finding Stillness while Moving 

I’m in the process of transition. Everything seemingly is spiraling out of control. I’m getting lost .. And that brings about hopelessness. However I’m choosing to hold on to the mere thought of being still.  I have no control of the external adversity, yet I do have control of my internal peace. I read a lot so I’m very familiar with the above statement. I began this journey by asking simple questions, to let’s say the inner me. 

So how does this stillness thing work? I question… Should I just sit here?  Stillness answers ..yes you should. Hmmm. I think.. Really, what will just sitting here do? Calmly, stillness speaks, just sit there. Well isn’t that irresponsible?  

Stillness answers.. No it’s not. 

I think… Stillness responds .. Stop thinking..
Outrageous! I exclaim, what do you mean stop thinking. Honey .. Stillness is your friend. 

If everything is moving …you’ll move with it. You are apart of everything, don’t resist it. 

I’m apart of everything, well it sure doesn’t feel like it.  

Tell me, why do you feel like you aren’t apart of everything, the entire make up of life is all for you, how could you not be apart of it?
None of the things that surrounds me are apart of me or for me. It seems like everything is working against me. Let me  give you some examples. Time. Im always late. Money. I don’t ever seem to have enough. Space. Never enough. Freedom. Please I feel so stuck.  And Love lastly.. Is very limited here, I don’t even trust people.

Stillness responds are u done? 

Yes I presume.

All of the things mentioned are your thoughts, You are making what you feel, true to you. 
Well .. It is! Stillness responds no honey it isn’t.

What’s up with you calling me honey? I questioned.. Stillness response , haha your sweet .. Just like honey, I know you personally.. And your sweetness sticks to all those whom you will and have ever encountered.

I’m at a lost for words, but back to this stillness thing; are you stillness? 


I stillness am here with you always. I to am apart of you. 

You to are apart of me. Explain that please.

I am here, always have been, always will be from the beginning of time.