What’s it all for?

Life, I turned 30 last month, and even though I’d say my awakening (to what life meant to me) happened at 24(roughly) …I find my self (unidentified with ego) sitting here wondering ….what’s it all for?

Every Morning I awake (gratefully of course)..preparing my self for the hustle and bustle of my day. I go to a job that I feel no longer fulfills me spiritually or physically …(however it pays the bills..(so I assume) because bills are always due (lol)…

After work I sit in a classroom and absorb information, that I hope will pay off in the end.. You know benefit me in more ways then being knowledgable in a particular subject.

Then finally it’s 10pm and I’m back in my apartment thankful for a completed day until tomorrow.

Is this all life is?
I sit and I wonder …. & I’m convinced that it’s not! This robotic type of living is not living at all. It draining and silly. Now I know maybe one would say, the strides I’m taking are steps towards a greater future, & though that maybe my goal …. It sure as heck doesn’t feel like it. Why would I want to waste so much of my time doing things that aren’t making me happy, is what I questioned ..? What is allowing me to be stagnated when it comes to choosing to do things in my life that brings me joy.
Why am I & so many others, so paralyzed when it comes to taking a step into the unknown for the sake of familiarity?

I imagine life to be a freeing experience, where everyday is not the same (even though in technicality it’s not) but the day wouldn’t look the same or feel the same.
Where deposits of joy & laughter are often. A day that is not filled with nothingness, a day that one will grasp the full understanding of life.

So now the question becomes how do I attain the above? How do I find joy in every different day of life and soak it up in it’s presence and acknowledge it?

Life is all for experience! Your life.Your Journey. Your experience.
The key is to experience what you yearn to experience with your life!
Be Fulfilled…your life is waiting on you!

2 thoughts on “What’s it all for?”

  1. We all are here to live life and enjoy the time we borrow… NOW ITS UP TO US HOW WE LIVE IT…..
    There’s no more enjoying once our body leave this Earth.


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