Freedom Finally!

Golden Key

Late start to my Monday but it’s 7am and I’m wide awake …the weather is crappy so I’m not to excited to travel, however the case I’m making my way to the work place.

I never know what the day holds for me, but I’m ready to embrace it with open arms.
Little did I know today would be my lucky day!

Since the weather is rainy I’ve decided to wear an old rain coat I have in my closet which I haven’t worn for years …& to my surprise inside a pocket was 1 golden key.
I have no recollection of this keys and I’m wondering what does it give me access to.
Then in a sudden moment of stillness… I become aware…that this key that I now hold is the key….it’s the key to the white building in which mental freedom lies.
I finally have access to the golden key !!

Everyone here is in a time warp stuck in the unconscious of their beings
Different roles are played by the day…….
First I have to be a mother than I have to be a friend I have to be a wife
A friendly co worker
When in all reality, I would just like to BE….
Who the hell am I?
& When did I get lost ?
All my answers will be answered finally…
Today the unknown will be made known. I have finally been granted ..the key that will change everything!
Prayers were answered & the heavens have opened up!
I’m going to take this priceless golden key and open the door to Mental freedom.
No longer will I be in bondage, Mental freedom comes with everlasting joy and peace.
When your mind reaches such a state …your existence becomes worth it …
Here I’ll find a place of no worries or sorrows …can you say Bliss!!!
I’ve been seeking this freedom for so long ..but the key was lost and to my surprise today is the day it has been found!
If I ever knew the search would be so simple …I thought my day would be the same ..but nope not today ..
Today with this key in my hand I am enlightened to the possibilities that life has to offer me.

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